Minor Injuries, Severe Damage Reported in Truck vs SUV Collision in BV County

One driver was injured in a two-vehicle accident between Storm Lake and Alta, which resulted in extensive damage to both vehicles.

According to the Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Office, the accident happened shortly after 1pm Tuesday near the Lake Creek area at the intersection of Highway 7 and 70th Avenue. 73-year-old Leonard Schmitt of Wall Lake was driving a truck north on 70th Avenue, and stopped at the stop sign at the Highway 7 entry. 37-year-old Jenna Campbell of Storm Lake was traveling west in a SUV on the Highway. Schmitt’s truck proceeded into the intersection and struck Campbell’s SUV on the driver’s side. Campbell’s vehicle came to rest in the north ditch, and the truck came to rest on the highway.

Campbell was treated at the Buena Vista Regional Medical Center for minor injuries, while Schmitt was uninjured. The truck endured severe damage, estimated at 15-thousand dollars, to the front passenger’s side. The SUV received severe damage of approximately 20-thousand dollars to the front and middle driver’s side.

Schmitt was issued a citation for Failure to Stop and Yield to The Right of Way.