MidAmerican Announces Renewable Energy Milestone

MidAmerican Energy has reached a new milestone.

According to a news release, the company delivered 100-percent renewable energy to serve its Iowa customers’ electricity usage last year.

In 2022, MidAmerican’s wind fleet generated more than 27-thousand gigawatt hours over a 12-month period, which exceeded the total annual usage of the company’s Iowa customers. MidAmerican Energy credits the achievement to a record-setting resource in 2022, along with the company’s decades-long commitment to investing in renewable energy on behalf of its customers.

MidAmerican’s first wind farm became operational in 2004. The wind fleet is currently comprised of more than 34-hundred wind turbines at more than three-dozen wind farms across Iowa. Along with generating clean energy, MidAmerican’s current and future rates are kept low thanks to the zero-cost fuel of wind. Overall, MidAmerican Energy’s Iowa customers have the 5th-lowest rates in the country among investor-owned utilities, and rates that are 39-percent below the national average.