Little To No Change in Iowa Crop Condition Ratings

Corn condition in Iowa held steady at 61-percent good to excellent, according to the latest crop progress report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Corn silking is at 22-percent statewide, six days ahead of last year, and two days ahead of the average. 27-percent of northwest Iowa corn is silking.

52-percent of Iowa soybeans are good to excellent, down slightly from last week. 46-percent of Iowa soybeans are blooming, which is five days ahead of last year, and three days ahead of the average. Seven-percent of soybeans statewide are setting pods, and that’s four days ahead of last year, and one day ahead of the average. In northwest Iowa, 44-percent of soybeans are blooming, and nine-percent are setting pods.

51-percent of northwest Iowa topsoil, and 57-percent of subsoil in northwest Iowa, is either short or very short of moisture.

There were over five days suitable for fieldwork last week in northwest Iowa and statewide.


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