Kwik Trip Store Set to Come to Storm Lake

The Storm Lake City Council on Monday approved multiple agenda items to further the process for the construction of a new convenience store.

City Development Services Specialist Lee Dutfield said the development agreement proposes that the City sell the Marshall Avenue property in the Industrial Park Urban Renewal Area on the southeast side of town to Kwik Trip Inc. for 65-thousand dollars…

Marshall Avenue is currently considered a non-existent or “paper” road.

A public hearing regarding the vacation of the public right-of-way in a portion of Marshall Avenue will be held at the council meeting on September 5th. A public hearing will be held at the meeting on October 2nd when the council is expected to take action on the proposed agreement with Kwik Trip.

The council also approved a utility improvements project agreement in the area of Memorial Road, including a new concrete roadway, where the Kwik Trip store will be located.


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