IUB Approves Summit Carbon’s Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Application

The Iowa Utilities Board today (Tues) approved Summit Carbon Solution’s hazardous liquid pipeline application.

The application with modifications will require Summit to submit additional filings for review before a permit is issued. The Iowa Utilities Board unanimously found that Summit met the requirements of Iowa Code and that the pipeline “will provide a service that is in the public convenience and necessity.” The order approves the proposed overall pipeline route and grants the right of eminent domain over specific parcels. Summit is not allowed to begin construction in Iowa until it has obtained approval from North Dakota for the route, and sequestration site and approval from South Dakota for the route. Summit cannot connect the pipeline to ethanol plants in Minnesota and Nebraska until officials in those states OK those moves. The Iowa Utilities Board order requires Summit to get 100 million dollars worth of liability insurance to cover any damages related to construction, operation and maintenance of the pipeline.

The decision follows a 34-month process in which the IUB conducted 33 public informational meetings, and reviewed almost 42 hundred written comments. The Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline route runs 688 miles, through 29 Iowa counties including Ida, Cherokee, O’Brien, Clay, and Palo Alto.