Iowans Urged to Watch for Spotted Lanternflies

The Iowa Department of Agriculture is asking Iowans to be on the lookout for spotted lanternfly insects.

The colorful but invasive and destructive insect is native to China, India, and Vietnam. The insect has been confirmed in a dozen states since 2014. The presence of two immature spotted lanternflies were spotted in Dallas County earlier this month. They often spread by the movement of infested material or items containing spotted lanternfly egg masses. If allowed to spread further in the United States, the pest could seriously impact the country’s grape, orchard, nursery, and logging industries.

Spotted lanternflys adults and nymphs frequently gather in a large number of host plants. They are easiest to spot at dusk or at night as they migrate up and down the trunk of the plant.

If you think you have found a spotted lanternfly, contact your local county Iowa State University Extension Office.