Iowa Department of Ed Releases Fall Enrollment Numbers; Local District Numbers Included

The Iowa Department of Education’s 2023 fall enrollment numbers show a drop in the number of public school students, while private enrollment increased.

The Education Department’s figures show public school enrollment was down one-half a percent to 483-thousand-699. Non-public school enrollment was up seven-point-four percent to 36-thousand-195 students as a new state law provided Education Savings Accounts for those attending private schools. The data shows nearly 66 percent of those using the accounts were already attending private schools. The accounts let Iowa families apply for around 76-hundred dollars for each student for private school expenses including tuition and fees.

The Iowa Department of Ed’s certified enrollment for the Storm Lake Community School District is 2,582, which is up 50 from last year. The total enrollment at Storm Lake St. Mary’s is 245, up 28 from last year.

The enrollment of other districts within BV County include Alta Aurelia at 841, down 31 from last year…Newell Fonda 476, down 20 from last year…Sioux Central 436, down five from last year…and Albert City Truesdale at 198, down 11 from last year.

(thanks to Radio Iowa for contributing)