Highway 20 Speed Enforcement Project Numbers From Recent Initiative

Troopers and officers from multiple agencies, including Iowa law enforcement, recently conducted an initiative as part of the ongoing “Highway 20 Speed Enforcement Project.”

The project is a bimonthly collaborative effort. During an initiative on July 13th, 93 officers across the country made 691 contacts with the motoring public. 389 of those resulted in citations, there were 295 warnings, and seven motorists were assisted.

The “Highway 20 Speed Enforcement Project” started by the Iowa State Patrol has grown into a nationwide effort among state police, state highway patrol, and local police agencies to promote traffic safety and reduce crashes across the 12 states that U.S. Highway 20 runs through. In 1989, the highway was determined to be the longest in the country at over 33-hundred miles. Various projects as of 2020 have slightly shortened its length. In Iowa, Highway 20 covers 333 miles.

The Iowa State Patrol encourages the public to call 911 to report drug activity or dangerous or impaired drivers.


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