Fee Changes Approved for Sunrise Campground

On Tuesday, the Storm Lake City Council approved four fee changes for the Sunrise Campground.

The ten percent long-term stay rate discount will be removed. Early check-in charges will be added of 20 dollars before noon and ten dollars from noon to 3pm, provided spaces are available during those times.

The council also approved a late check-out penalty for those who leave their camping site after the check-out time of 1pm. Language in the resolution originally had a late check-out charge of ten dollars, but council member Kevin McKinney felt the penalty should be higher…

McKinney suggested the late check-out charge should be 20 or 25 dollars, or ten dollars per hour. The council eventually agreed that the late check-out charge would be ten dollars per hour. Campground manager Kim Woltman said in the past, Sunrise has had one or two late check-outs every weekend.

The fee changes were discussed during a work session at the previous city council meeting in December.

Storm Lake Mayor Mike Porsch said Sunrise is very competitive with other campgrounds in the area when comparing rates and amenities that are offered.

In other business, the council approved council member Matt Ricklefs to the position of mayor pro-tem. Mayor Porsch, who recommended Ricklefs, said the person in the pro-tem position typically changes every couple of years. Council member Kevin McKinney previously served as mayor pro-tem.


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