Drowning Accident in Okoboji Lake

There were two South Dakota men who were involved in near-drowning experiences in Okoboji, with one of them actually drowning over the Independence Day holiday. Randy Vilayphone, age 21, of Sioux Falls, passed away this past Saturday, after complications from drowning in West Lake Okoboji.

Vilayphone was attempted to be helped by bystanders, but they were unsuccessful. The Arnolds-Park Okoboji Fire and Rescue later arrived to find Vilayphone under the water, rescuing him from 17 feet below. Resuscitation efforts were admitted as he was being transferred to the shore.

Vilayphone was taken to Lakes Regional Healthcare in Spirit Lake, then transported to a Sioux Falls hospital, where he later died.

In a separate incident, 22-year-old Atem Kiir was rescued at the Arnolds Park City Beach near Preservation Plaza, after a near-drowning experience. He was transported to a Sioux Falls hospital, with no update about his current condition.


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