Drought Conditions Mostly Holding Steady

Not much has changed with Iowa’s drought situation, as Extreme Drought is still in portions of northwest Iowa counties including Cherokee, Plymouth, and Sioux.

Extreme Drought also remains in parts of Woodbury and Monona counties, according to the latest Iowa Drought Monitor.

Most of northwest Iowa continues to be plagued by some form of drought. A portion of Buena Vista and all surrounding counties are experiencing Severe Drought. There’s no change in the percentage of Extreme and Severe Drought statewide from last week, and only a tiny increase in Moderate Drought.

There is a slight decrease in the percentage of Iowa that’s at least Abnormally Dry, but that number is still close to 66-percent.

Due to the dry conditions, mandatory water conservation measures are still in place for users of the Storm Lake water system. The measures were implemented in early July.