Dog Bite Victim Accused of Making False Report

A Storm Lake man is charged with Making a False Report to Police after it was determined that he allegedly falsified information as the victim in a dog bite incident.

According to the Storm Lake Police Department, officers were called to Buena Vista Regional Medical Center back on June 23th on a report of a dog bite injury. 41-year-old Daniel Khang of Storm Lake told officers that he had been attacked by a medium-size brown dog dragging a chain, in the Chautauqua Park area. He reported that the dog had pulled him to the ground as he tried to fend it off. Khang suffered significant injuries with bites to the hands and legs.

Five days later on June 28th, Storm Lake Police received a tip that the dog involved in the incident might be found at an address on Greenwood Drive. Officers verified that the pit bull dog was the one involved in the incident, and that it had proper vaccinations. The owner of the dog had been out of town at the time of the incident, and the dog was being cared for at a residence on Highway Street. Officers then determined that the bite incident had taken place at the Highway Street residence, and not in Chautauqua Park as Khang had reported. Officers allege that Khang had been bitten when he entered the kennel at the home, and believe that the dog had been acting to protect its young puppies.

A warrant was issued for Khang’s arrest. On Tuesday morning of this week, Khang was taken into custody at his residence, and booked into Buena Vista County Jail on a 300-dollar bond.

The pit bull and puppies were briefly impounded at Lake Animal Hospital until authorities determined there was no threat to the public. The animals have been returned to the owner.