Crash in Spencer Leaves Damages to Vehicles but No Injuries

A two-vehicle collision took place in Spencer, prompting a call to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office this past Friday, May 19th. The accident happened at the North Y Intersection in North Spencer. Kathy Wolthuizen, 56, of Sanborn, was driving a 2018 Black Ford Fusion from Hwy 18.

Quickly after making the turn, a vehicle in front of Wolthuizen slowed down abruptly causing her to swerve into another lane and ended up striking a 2016 Buick Enclave, which was being driven by a 15-year-old juvenile female on a school permit.

Damage was assessed to both vehicles, with Wolthuizen’s front driver’s side and the passenger side of the Buick. The Buick racked up to $1,500 in total damage, while Wolthuizen’s was $2,000. Both vehicles were in good enough shape to drive off with no injuries reported.



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