Clay County Fair Accepting Fields and Gardens Department Entries

Gardeners are encouraged to enter their blue ribbon produce and more in the Fields and Gardens Department at the 2023 Clay County Fair.

Fields and Gardens is one of the fair’s original competitive departments. The Largest Pumpkin Contest will again be featured, where producers can enter the largest weighing pumpkin from their patch. The Best Corn Contest will also be offered where an exhibitor can bring in their best ten ears of corn to be judged. In addition to the vegetable portion, several fruit classes will also be available.

Along with fruits and vegetables, categories will be offered such as the garden scarecrow contest and yard people. Other contests within the department include decorative corn with husks, and birdhouse gourds.

Fields and Gardens Department entries at the Clay County Fair are open to anyone from any county or state. Pre-registration is encouraged by August 21st. Go to or stop by the Fair Administrative Offices.

This year’s Clay County Fair happens September 9th through the 17th.


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