City/School Election Contested Races in the Area

This is city and school election day, and there are several contested races in the area.

Four candidates are running for three spots on the Storm Lake City Council including incumbents Tyson Rice, Kevin McKinney, and Maria Ramos, as well as Margaret McKeon.

Bruce McGowan, Pam Henderson, Lee Meyer, and Tom Lane are all running for three spots on the Alta City Council.

There are seven people running for five spots on the Linn Grove City Council including Denny Graesing, Jud Graesing, Eugene Johnson, Steven Jessen, Kevin Weier, Bobby White, and Wade Withers.

Five people are running for three spots on the Marathon City Council including Scott Simpson, Jon Carlson, Cassandra Yartz, Dustin Klatt, and Larry Robinson.

Brian Puhrmann and Wayne Westergaard are running to fill a vacancy for mayor in the City of Newell. Puhrmann was appointed mid-term last year to the position.

There are four candidates for two spots on the Newell City Council including Dennis Zeigler, Larry Nielsen, William Henrich Jr, and Stanley Henrich.

The Sioux Rapids City Council has four candidates running for three spots including Michael Gunderson, Todd Reiling, Jennifer Prior, and Lacy Garberding.

The Alta Aurelia School Board consists of six candidates running for three spots. Those that are running include Jennifer Kaskey, Katie Meyer, Curtis Caboth, Paul Nahnsen, Jodi Theisen, and Nicole Weathers.

There are three candidates running for two positions on the Newell Fonda School Board District 1 including Gary Morenz, Pat Brabec, and Robyn Hogrefe.

There are two candidates seeking one spot for District 1 of the Sioux Central School Board including Michelle Patten and Kale Glover.

Voters within the Sioux Central Community School District will decide on a physical plant and equipment property tax levy, which would be used to finance a future auditorium, renovated ag space, and growth in the district’s academic area.

Aurelia Mayor Gene Suhr is being challenged by Denny Weathers.

Voters within the Schaller Crestland school district will decide on a bond of over 15 million dollars and levy for improvements to the school in Schaller.

There are five candidates for two spots on the Schaller City Council including Wayne Toel, Michael Bailey, Cindy Segebart, Douglas Trent Thevenot, and James Richard Gatzemeyer.

Scott Bundt is being challenged by Ray Von Ahn for Mayor of Sac City.

There are five candidates for three spots on the Sac City City Council including Larry Mahler, Kayla Shull, Teresa Bruening, Shawn Lowe, and Justin Rohlfing.

There are two candidates running to fill a vacancy on the Sac City City Council including Ben Hoffard and Tom Lownik.

Three candidates are on the ballot for East Sac County School Board Director including Mark Allen Jansma, Jackie Mahler, and Laurie Kluver.

There are five candidates for three spots on the Odebolt City Council including Drew Stuhrenberg, Seth Anthony Duff, Ronald Sorensen, Dale Harold Godbersen, and Rick Roeder.

There are five candidates for two spots on the Lake View City Council including LeeAnn Davis, Jimmie Jensen, JoAnn Rae Peters, Ken Steinkamp, and John Smith.

There are three candidates for two spots on the Auburn City Council including Jane Barto, Robert Theulen, and Paula Carlyle-Pudenz.

Ida County voters will decide on a bond issue that would provide upgrades for medical services.

Pocahontas County voters will decide on supporting the issuance of up to 8.5 million dollars in bonds to go toward a new law enforcement center.

Kelly Pabst is challenging Rodney Johnson for Mayor in Laurens.

There are five candidates for three spots on the Laurens City Council including Michael Hayek, Loren Booth, Hannah Zylstra, Aaron Christenson, and Wayne Peaslee.

Four candidates are running for three spots on the Laurens Marathon School Board including Collin Lind, Jason Gustafson. Matthew Hertz, and Dylan Leuer.

Two candidates are running to represent the Pocahontas Area School Board in District 3 including Sara Boysen and Nick Kerns.

Polls will be open today from 7am to 8pm. Find your precinct/polling place by visiting the Iowa Secretary of State’s website, or contact your county auditor’s office.


Alberta Doerr Kautsch

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