City of Storm Lake Still Dealing With Clogged Sewers Due to Improper Items Being Flushed Down Toilets

City of Storm Lake crew members are continuing to face problems with clogged sewers due to products being improperly flushed in home toilets and garbage disposals.

Even though some cleaning wipes products claim to be “flushable” on their packaging, the City of Storm Lake reminds residents that those products cannot be flushed. The products can back up toilets in homes, clog sewer lines, cause service problems for the entire community, and are also a potential threat to the environment. Even a small amount of build-up has the potential to block or damage the wastewater system.

Storm Lake residents are reminded that toilet paper is the only product that’s safe to flush. Products that should NEVER be disposed of in a toilet and should be thrown into the trash include cleaning wipes, baby or facial wipes, paper towels, diapers, tampons or applicators, bandages, dental whitening strips, sanitary pads and wrappers, cotton swabs, makeup pads, dental floss, cat litter, condoms, hair, and medicines.