City of Storm Lake Issues Reminder About Proper Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste

The City of Storm Lake says there have been recent incidents of paint or drywall wash-off being dumped directly into storm sewer drains.

The City reminds citizens that storm sewers are for rainwater only, and it’s illegal to use them for dumping of household materials or yard waste. Cleanup of dumping incidents takes city workers away from other necessary projects. Contaminated materials that are dumped into storm drains can flow directly into the lake, which leads to pollution. Any spills into storm drains should be reported immediately.

The Buena Vista County Solid Waste facility will accept materials that should not be placed in garbage recycling or down the drain, free of charge. Those items include oil or lead-based paint, aerosols, paint thinner, stripper or solvents, pesticides, household cleaners, and garden chemicals. Contact the facility to set up an appointment by calling 732-7171.


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