Cherokee Woman to Spend Time in Federal Prison Following Methamphetamine Conviction

A Cherokee woman was sentenced Thursday in Sioux City Federal Court to serve nearly four years in prison on methamphetamine-related charges.

50-year-old Christina Gianopoulos-Rohrer previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute and possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine.

Evidence presented at plea and sentencing hearings showed that on December 6th of 2021 in Woodbury County, law enforcement conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in which Gianopoulos-Rohrer was a passenger and seized approximately one pound of meth that Gianopoulos-Rohrer intended to distribute to other persons. She also admitted her involvement in a conspiracy that distributed at least six kilograms of methamphetamine from December of 2019 through May of 2022. She further admitted her involvement with others in obtaining four pounds of meth from sources in California, Nevada, and others, and transporting it back to the Cherokee area for further distribution.

Gianopoulos-Rohrer remains in the custody of the U.S. Marshal until she can be transferred to a federal prison.


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