Charge Dismissed Against State Senator Stemming From RAGBRAI Incident in Sac County

The misdemeanor charge against a state senator who was arrested during RAGBRAI in Sac County has been dropped.

Republican Senator Adrian Dickey of Packwood was arrested on July 24th on Quincy Avenue in the unincorporated community of Carnarvon. A Sac County deputy said Dickey was part of a large group blocking a rural road, and Dickey argued with the officer, refusing to move. In a written statement, Dickey says it was a total misunderstanding because he wasn’t drinking and wasn’t part of the group blocking the road. Dickey says in 50 years he’s never been arrested and he appreciates the Sac County Attorney’s decision to drop the charge and restore his reputation. The Sac County Attorney’s request to have the case dismissed said there was not enough evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Dickey had asked for a jury trial.

Dickey was elected to the Iowa Senate during a special election in 2021, and reelected to a full term in 2022.


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