Batch and Build Water Quality Project Announced in Sac County

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship has formed a partnership with Sac County and the Sac County Soil and Water Conservation District to launch the first phase of the North Raccoon Edge-of-Field Project within the county.

The announcement was made Wednesday by Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig. The initial goal of the opening phase is to install more than 30 bioreactors and saturated buffers in the North Raccoon River watershed. A news release states that the practices are proven to improve water quality and reduce the loss of nutrients into Iowa’s waterways.

Sac County will act as the fiscal agent for the project and provide contracting oversight for practice installation. Interested farmers and landowners can contact the Sac County Soil and Water Conservation District Office located within the county’s USDA Service Center in Sac City. A batch and build agreement is also in place in Calhoun and 14 other Iowa counties.