Authorities Recover a Vehicle From a Gravel Pit Near Emmetsburg

An investigation is underway after authorities recovered a vehicle over the weekend from a gravel pit just west of Emmetsburg.

The Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office says it was notified Friday by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources about an object that was detected on sonar that they thought may be a vehicle covered in mud and vegetation. On Sunday, with the assistance of the Arnolds Park-Okoboji Underwater Search and Rescue Dive Team, authorities were able to confirm it was a 1990 Mercury Sable. A towing service then pulled the vehicle. Authorities say there were no items left in the vehicle but deputies were able to get a vehicle identification number, or VIN, to determine the previous owner.

They add the vehicle had not been reported stolen and that as of now, it isn’t known how it wound up in the pit. They say the case remains under investigation.

(courtesy Community First Broadcasting station KUOO in Spirit Lake)