Auditor of State Releases Report on Pocahontas County

State Auditor Rob Sand has released an audit report on Pocahontas County for the 2022 fiscal year.

According to the report, revenues for Pocahontas County totaled over 15.1 million dollars, a nearly 37 percent decrease from the prior year. The decrease in revenue is primarily due to a decrease in contributions from the Iowa DOT.

Expenses for county operations during the previous fiscal year totaled 13.5 million dollars, down 20 percent from the prior year. The decrease in expenses is mostly due to costs related to drainage district and secondary road projects.

State Auditor Sand reported a few findings related to the receipt and expenditure of taxpayer funds. The findings address issues such as lack of segregation of duties, accounts receivable, capital asset additions not properly recorded in the county’s financial statements, and lack of required approval for capital asset deletions. Sand provided Pocahontas County with recommendations to address each of the findings. Three of the four findings are repeated from the previous year.


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