AARP Iowa Grant Transforms Graettinger’s Wellness Plan

A Community Challenge grant from A-A-R-P Iowa is making the town of Graettinger more senior-friendly.

Eight Iowa communities received the grants, but perhaps none is as transformative as the one in the tiny northwest Iowa town. Most of this year’s grant recipients were in rural areas, with projects focused on enhancing community livability. That will be especially noticeable in Graettinger, population 840, which received a twenty-thousand dollar grant from A-A-R-P Iowa to build pickleball courts and improve walking trails. City Clerk Kara Currans says that’s a big grant for tiny Graettinger, and will go a long way to helping seniors be more active and healthy…

Eight Iowa communities received the grants. Five went to public libraries to improve accessibility, outdoor spaces and help seniors become more comfortable with technology.

In Graettinger, a town where Currans says everyone knows your name, the grant is doing more than helping build exercise infrastructure. It is also helping strengthen community engagement and bolstering a sense of local pride in what it provides for its residents, despite being small…

The eight Iowa communities received more than 57-thousand dollars in A-A-R-P Community Challenge grants – among the largest group of grantees in the program’s history.

(credit to Iowa News Service)