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Fishing and Lake Ice Reports

February 20, 2020 2:45pm

Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)
Ice thickness is 7 to 18 inches across the lake. Avoid open areas or seams near the big island. Walleye - Fair: The late winter walleye bite has picked up. Anglers are catching fish throughout the day, but low light hours may be more productive. Yellow Perch - Fair: Use waxworms and small minnows. White Bass – Fair.

Ice thickness in west-central Iowa is 8 to 18 inches. Some lakes have poor ice along shorelines near inflows due to recent rains. There are open water and thin ice in Town Bay of Black Hawk Lake from the aeration system.  For more information, contact the Black Hawk District office at 712-657-2638.

Black Hawk Lake
There are around 12 to 14 inches of ice off of Ice House Point boat ramp. Conditions are more variable in the east basin of the lake. The winter aeration system in Town Bay is in operation; expect open water and thin ice in Town Bay. Yellow Perch - Fair: Anglers are catching perch around Gunshot Hill in the marina and near Provost Point. Keeper-size perch are 8 to 10 inches; sorting is needed. Use waxworms and small minnows. Bluegill - Fair: Most anglers are using waxworms fished near the Ice House Point boat ramp and the rock piles off Gunshot Hill and Cottonwood Point. Most fish are 7-8 inches. Channel Catfish - Fair: Anglers have picked up catfish off the rock pile north of Cottonwood Point and in the east basin; use waxworms. Black Crappie - Fair: Try minnows and waxworms fished in the marina and off the rock pile near Gunshot Hill. Most fish are 8-10 inches; sorting is needed. Walleye - Fair.