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New Scam Warning

January 23, 2020 9:05am

Authorities are getting reports of a new scam that they say is alarming.

Some people have reported getting a phone call from a male claiming he has kidnapped the potential scam victim's daughter. The sounds of a female crying can be hear in the background, and the scammer asks that money be wired for the daughter to be released.

In some cases, authorities say the scammer may even have the name and address of the supposedly kidnapped family member.

Authorities say the scam tactic is what's known as “virtual kidnapping” and that it's easy to become panicked and fall victim to it. They say if you get such a call you should not wire any money or let the suspect scare you into making a hasty decision with the release of money or personal information. Instead they say you should hang up, and that if you're in doubt, to contact your local law enforcement agency.

(courtesy KUOO in Spirit Lake)