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Citizens First National Bank Foundation Donates $10,000 to Storm Lake Elementary STEM Program

December 12, 2019 8:37am

(Storm Lake, IA) -- The Citizens First National Bank Foundation has donated $10,000 that will provide valuable coding and computer science opportunities to Storm Lake Elementary School students.

The school recently integrated coding into its curriculum to help build an important skill that's critical to jobs across an increasing number of industries. The district considers coding to be an important component to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programming.

The foundation's contribution will go toward programs, technology and supplies to aid in students’ coding skill development.

"In Storm Lake, we believe it is especially important for us to be focused on STEM and coding with our students," said Jacquie Drey, Storm Lake Elementary teacher and the 2018 Northwest STEM Region Teacher of the Year. “With increased barriers faced by youth living in low-income communities, it is critical that youth be connected to significant opportunities in science so they can develop skills and make well-founded decisions regarding the world and their future career opportunities,” said Dr. Stacey Cole, Storm Lake Superintendent.

In 2015, there were 7 million job openings that required skills in coding. Engineers, scientists, designers, information technology specialists and data analysts all use coding on a daily basis.

The Citizens First National Bank Foundation is a Storm Lake-based nonprofit organization that provides grants and contributions to programs, causes and educational initiatives throughout the community.

“It is imperative that we teach our children the skills learned by the pursuit of scientific and mathematical inquiry so that they can assure their generation’s prosperity,” said Harry Schaller, Citizens First National Bank President. “The efforts of our STEM instructors and school administration in support of these programs are substantial. However, public sources of funding, critical to supporting STEM initiatives are insufficient in and of themselves. In order to properly maintain STEM (STEAM) initiatives in our schools, it takes a commitment from private entities as well.The employees of Citizens First National Bank, along with the Citizens First National Bank Foundation are incredibly proud to be able to do our part in support of these efforts.”



[COURTESY: Storm Lake School District]