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Alliant Energy Foundation Boosts BV Buddies

December 09, 2019 7:52am

(Storm Lake, IA) -- Buena Vista University’s mentoring program, BV Buddies, has received a $1,500 grant from Alliant Energy Foundation. Funds will be used to support BV Buddies’ initiatives within the community.

“We are so thankful for the Alliant Energy Foundation for providing additional funding to BV Buddies,” says Dr. Ashley Farmer-Hanson, BVU assistant vice president of Student Success and director of community engagement. “This allows us to provide more opportunities for young people in the community, opportunities that likely wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

The award is a component of the Alliant Energy Foundation Community Grants program aimed to bolster programs enhancing partnerships and connections among families, communities, and education providers.

“BV Buddies represents a perfect fit for us,” says Rebecca Gisel, key account manager for Alliant Energy. Gisel joined Randy Brummer, Alliant Energy operations manager, in presenting the check to BV Buddies representatives at Buena Vista University in what’s become an annual rite to strengthen the program’s work with the Storm Lake Community School District, an effort that positively impacts more than 100 students.

“BV Buddies is a great program,” Gisel adds. “Our hope is to continue this kind of support in the future.”

BV Buddies, a mentoring program in conjunction with the STARS mentoring effort within the Storm Lake Community School District, matches BVU students with middle school youths in the community throughout the academic year. BV Buddies meet with each other on a weekly basis and engage in activities ranging from homework to crafts to sports activities. Middle school students also visit the BVU campus once per year and take a spring trip to a destination site.