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A Glance at Buena Vista and Cherokee Counties

December 02, 2019 12:42pm

According to the 2018 Census data, the counties of Cherokee and Buena Vista have major differences although they are neighboring communities.

Buena Vista has roughly 19,800 residents while Cherokee contains roughly 11,300.

Since 2010 Buena Vista has seen a decrease in population of -1.9% while Cherokee has seen -6.2% in negative population growth.

They only have a difference of .1% when it comes to unemployment rates with Buena Vista at 2.1% and Cherokee at 2.2%.

The per capita income for Buena Vista $50,000 while Cherokee with almost half the population has $62,800 for per capita income.

Buena Vista’s poverty rate is 12.6% while Cherokee holds at 9.6%. The national poverty rate is 12.3%.

The number of adults who were 25 years or older with Bachelors’s degrees, however, was 20.1% in Buena Vista and 19.5% for Cherokee.