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Storm Lake Students Turn Recycled Plastic Into Benches

October 02, 2019 5:24am

Storm Lake Elementary School students recently transformed more
than 750 pounds of discarded plastic lids into three benches for their school.

The students are part of the school's Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math
program, led by teacher Jacquie Drey.

The students worked with Green Tree Plastics'ABC Promise Program to collect, sort and weigh plastic lids. This meant determining if the lids had the acceptable recycling numbers and ensuring no metal or paper made its way into the
recycling machine.

Once a box of lids was close to full, a student would take it to a weighing station, where he or she would need to do some math to complete the process.

Green Tree Plastics offers a variety of products that can be created through this process. The school chose to make three eight-foot benches in Storm Lake's school colors. Each bench required 250 pounds of lids and a service fee. The Storm Lake School District Foundation provided the funds necessary to complete the innovative project.

The new benches were unveiled at Mission Monday on September 30th.

“We are very proud of our students' efforts as they learned about reducing their personal carbon footprint,” said Drey. “We are also so grateful for the parent and community support we received for this project, and for the Storm Lake School District Foundation's critical role in providing the funds to see it through. Thank you to everyone who made this project possible.”
Previously, the K-4 STEAM program planned a “ Mission to Mars ” STEM Day. As part of that experience, students created NASA-inspired bottle cap murals. The leftover lids sparked interest in how students could recycle.

Community member and parent Misty Sanderson then alerted the school to the ABC Promise Program.