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Lake Improvement Commission Discusses Lake Bank Damage

June 26, 2019 6:53am

The Lake Improvement Commission Monday afternoon discussed restoration of the lake bank along Lighthouse Drive near Scout Park in Storm Lake.

Assistant city manager David Derragon says the bank was pushed up by either through ice or a frost heave this spring. He says the city met with the DNR to discuss possible remedies, and it looks like about 425-feet of the bank will need repairs. Rip rap work is estimated at 90-thousand dollars, which Derragon says is not in the budget of either the commission or the city.

Commission chair Gary LaLone says in the early 1950s, when streets were being repaired old concrete was placed along the lake, and he thinks ice got under that old concrete and pushed it up. He says concrete can not longer be placed along lake banks. He said there are also areas of Frank Starr Park where rock has gone away along the shore... and they may be able to get the DNR or the Lake Preservation Association to look into the cost of making repairs, which likely would be substantial.


In other business, the Lake Improvement Commission approved the sale of a Jon boat used in the dredging project to the city, for use in dock installation and repairs. In lieu of payment, the city would waive charging the commission a one-thousand dollar annual administrative fee for the next five years.