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SL School Board: September Bond Issue Vote

June 25, 2019 6:49am

The Storm Lake school board Monday reached a consensus on when to hold another bond issue vote for an early childhood facility.

The issue can be taken to voters this September or next March. Superintendent Doctor Stacey Cole said it would be a tight schedule for September, but they could lose momentum by March. The board reached a consensus to have the vote in September, which could allow phase one of the project to be finished as early as January of 2022.

When the bond issue vote in December narrowly missed the 60-percent needed for approval, Cole said they began a long process to come up with a plan that meets the space needs and the public's concerns. Board president Peter Steinfeld said the tax issue was addressed... they reduced the two questions on the ballot to one... and reduced the tax asking as much as possible... and he prefers having the vote in September.

Board member Emilia Marroquin agreed, saying they need to move. Board member Melea Raveling noted it will help everyone if they have bids on the project by the end of the year, as that's when contractors are looking for work.

The plan developed by DLR Architects has three phases, with the first containing core areas and ten kindergarten classrooms. The second phase has 14 pre-kindergarten classrooms... with ten first grade classrooms in phase three. Cole said the plan allows flexibility, as they can make adjustments as they go.