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Linn Grove Flood Damage Discussed

June 25, 2019 11:13am

Buena Vista County officials are working with several state and national agencies to assess extensive damage to the Linn Grove dam on the Little Sioux River.

The flooded river created a new channel around the dam, which has officials worried about bank erosion and road damage. County conservation director Greg Johnson says 26 truck loads of rip rap were hauled to stabilize the bank near the old trestle bridge. County engineer Bret Wilkinson says if they hadn't put in the rip rap, the bridge would have fallen in.

Johnson and Wilkinson had a conference call Monday with a variety of agencies, including the DNR, Iowa Homeland Security, and FEMA. Wilkinson says they have concerns over where the water is now flowing and potential damage to the county road bridge. He terms it a very challenging situation.

Wilkinson says it should not be a problem returning things to pre-flood conditions... but that doesn't mean it will be cheap or easy. Johnson says they're estimated one-million dollars in damage, not including damage to the dam itself.

The county is planning to replace the Linn Grove bridge in the next few years... and Wilkinson says before then, they need to plug the channel where the water is now running around the dam. He says it would be a nightmare to replace the bridge with the water flowing around the dam.

Johnson says they will have to request proposals from engineering firms to come up with plans for making repairs.