Downtown Parking Options Discussed

June 12, 2019 5:33am

    Several ideas were discussed Tuesday evening during a meeting called by Storm Lake mayor Mike Porsch with downtown property owners and business people over parking issues.

    Porsch suggested not allowing parking on Lake Avenue between three and six a-m.  He said it would allow adequate street cleaning... and potentially would help businesses start the day with an open street.  He said it would not include side streets.   No objections were raised.  City manager Keri Navratil said it wouldn't be enforced by towing, but with tickets.  She said the city council next Monday plans to set a study session on the idea.

    There was a discussion on city parking lots.  Previously, the city received a request to change the lots where overnight parking is allowed during a snow emergency.  Now the lots where parking is allowed are behind Amvets and in the 700 block of Erie Street.  Navratil said the city was asked to allow parking during snow emergencies in the lots behind the Sugar Bowl and in the 500-block of Erie, which would be closer for people living downtown.  However, police chief Mark Prosser said business owners have wanted those lots cleaned first for their customers.  There was little support for making any changes in the lots.

    Navratil suggested having diagonal parking on Railroad Street, which would add several parking spots.  Public services superintendent Scott Bonebrake said there was diagional parking on Railroad Street years ago... and it would add a lot of parking spaces on the east side, not as many on the west side.