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“Donnie from the Senders”

July 28 @ 3:00pm

Exciting news from the Fonda Arts Center! Our July guest musician needs no introduction to many of you: Don Schossow, aka, “Donnie from the Senders” will take the stage at the Fonda Arts Center on Sunday afternoon, July 28th, beginning at 3:00. Don has been playing since his early teen years as a member of “the Senders” band, wowing audiences, not only in Iowa, but in surrounding states as far west as Colorado. Come, bring your friends! Admission is free, refreshments are free, air conditioning is on! All this happening at the Fonda Arts Center on the Northwest corner of Fourth & Main Streets in Fonda. Everyone is welcome!

Fourth and Main Sts. Fonda, IA, 50540


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